The common thing of these three methods is their similarity with a learning process more than a treatment. It’s about mutual exploration and giving space for the discoveries. With the Grinberg method the client lerns through breath, touch, movement and description. The client’s attention is guided to a direct and immediate body experience instead of understanding and interpreting.

The client learns step by step to recognize and stop limiting patterns  and to develop qualities and skills to diminish the gulf between how we want to live  and our current life.

The foundation is honest communication, encounter and touch. A learning process with the Grinberg method starts in contrast to Pantarei and Sexological Bodywork with an analysis of the feet. It helps me to get an overall impression of the client – of his body and his life. All three approaches share  the same principles: the client‘s participation and common learning.

Sexological Bodywork addresses clients with interest for sexual issues like shame, lack of pleasure or just curiosity for the own erotic unfolding. Here the client chooses the direction of the session and the learning process. The basics of Sexological Bodywork are somatic learning over time, unconditional acceptance and practices for the time at home.