Souling® is a therapeutical way of the heart by Martin Siems.

It is based on the body, in a  way that the “felt-sense” (the sensation in the chest and belly area, after Gendlin) is together with breathing the base for the work. It is psychodynamic, as working up hildhood trauma and inner conflicts is an important part of it.

This work uses different technics of energetical psychology to release fear and emotional blocks.

Souling aims not only to ease actual symptoms but to transform the character, including a change of obstructing beliefs, which create tension in the body, which come from childhood experience and prevent a openness and touchabilty of the heart.

In 2007 with the way of Souling, assisted 2012-2014 und work now under supervision of Martin Siems.

 A session of 1 hour: 30 Euro.