The Basis ist the place of my heart of which I dreamed of for a long time. A place where excellent therapists of different movements are combined, where their work is linked and where humanity clarity and security  are main values.

On 90 square meters clients can find support on their individual way to self-healing, self-acceptance and unfolding of potential.

Every human has ist own process with individual needs for different topics and timeframes. To find trustworthy specialists in one place can offer a big relief.

We offer ostheopathy, shamanism, body- and energywork from the Grinbeg field, Pantarei, hawaiian and intuitive massage, JinJiu Jitsu streaming, access bars, family constellation, yoga, heart work, voice therapy, nonviolent communication , sexological bodywork, middendorf breath therapy, playfight, dynamic meditation, reiki and other healing modalities.

In the center of Altona easily reachable you can find us in a wonderful heritage building in a warm souterrain with tea kitchen and atrium.